in what ways are you seeking and making home, and in what ways have you found home?

“i’m just gonna do what feels right for me. i asked my mom, what should i do for tomb sweeping day? she said, you could write a letter to your grandparents and burn it. It doesn’t matter where you are, the smoke’s still gonna rise.”

— connie cann

“everything I do is part of a process of seeking home. now, but also in the future. because that’s the thing that I most want: to have a space to welcome family and friends and anyone who needs home space.”

— julia rose

“sustainability is a big word when it comes to home. what even does it mean that we’re trying to survive in places where people are telling us we don’t belong?”

— brawny

“don’t ever host me when i come into your home, don’t ever think you have to put on a smile for me. come as you are, and if it’s in a shitstorm, then still show up.”

— mana

“the home i’m looking for is in myself, where I can find some peace. i’m figuring out what she would want me to be doing at this point in my life. that’s what i’m searching for.”

— susan

“home feels like all of the places we come together, the songs we sing, the prayers we create.”

— margot

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