in it together

In It Together is a podcast about life lessons happening in real time. You’ll hear conversations facilitated by host freddie blooms about the challenges, gifts, and possibilities within current learning processes – while people are still in the wild muck of it all. The hope is that this show will allow you space to reflect on your own processes and remember that you are not alone in navigating being a person.

what are you in the process of learning right now?

the world we want to live in

we all have a role to play in resistance against oppression and building a better world. those of us who may not be full-time activists and organizers may have trouble discerning our role in this resistance, but we can all take part, especially within the cultural resurgence and increased visibility of white supremacy, imperialism, and fascism. the central question of this 2017-2018 project is:

how does your life and work connect to resistance in this era?


during a three-month-long roadtrip in 2016, i conducted interviews with old and new friends around occupied turtle island, a.k.a. the united states, asking:

how are you seeking and making home, and how have you found home?


“the world i want to live in encourages all peoples’ exploration and curiosities of their emerging selves, and expands far beyond the binary gender paradigm.”

“here” by tristan crane

“in the U.S., we are taught that masculine strength is connected with domination, taking charge, and gaining power over others. this kind of ‘power’ is a destructive illusion that ultimately leaves those of us who fall prey to it empty and unfulfilled. true power is grounded in vulnerability, softness, and connecting with our emotions and bodies and the world around us. true power transforms and heals us.”

reflections on masculinity for the rainbow times

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